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Hawkwood Investiture

I was scheduled to teach a half hour class on the auto & small engine repair databases at the Vintage Car Show on Saturday. I was also scheduled to work the whole weekend, which meant missing Hawkwood Investiture. With honeypot904 being invested, I was bummed not to be able to go. After some weekend swapping (meaning I am going to miss Feast of St George due to working), I ended up off last weekend but still teaching the class. dragonazure rode with Elizabeth & Talun to the event with me following later.

I taught my class for 2 people and then headed up, arriving shortly after 3pm. It felt odd arriving so late, but it was worth it. I chatted with some people, then enjoyed feast with some of the household. I didn't sleep well, but awoke without a headache, which is always a bonus when sleeping in a cabin. I helped a bit doing site cleaning. We ate at IHOP with Bran, honeypot904, and mistressrhi. I really enjoyed the Harvest Grain and Nut pancakes with sausage links and scrambled eggs. Eldred and I had a pleasant trip back to E&T's to pick up his car.

I made a nice dent in World Without End on the trip. It's 36 CDs for a total of over 45 hours!

It was really fun staying in a cabin. I miss the old days of events with Corvus where we all stayed in a cabin together. At least we can still do it once or twice a year in Hawkwood, since those cabins are decent.

Doing the Neuton Dance

I couldn't resist the subject line. Every time I saw anything about the Neuton battery powered mower, I kept hearing The Pointer Sisters in my head.

This morning we participated in HOG Day 2010, an event organized by Hands on Greenville. The Staff Association at the library signed up to help with the vegetable garden at Project Host, a soup kitchen downtown. The weather was perfect for working outside, overcast, not too warm, with a slight breeze. We worked for a couple of hours weeding and planting some decorative plants next to the vegetable beds.

When we arrived home I decided I wanted to try out the new mower, while I was in work mode. I thought we might be able to get in some mowing before the rain arrived. And the yard sure needed it. Yesterday dragonazure put together the new mower and left it to charge overnight, so it was ready to go. I mowed the side yard. After about 45 minutes I was out of juice but the mower still had some charge. That means we can definitely use the electric mower instead of the gas one for most of the yard. It will take longer because of the shorter blade length, but the reduced noise and smell are worth it. I can use it as my exercise! I am counting this as a big green step!

Just Duckie

A couple of years ago we set ourselves a year-long project to add one green step to our lifestyle each month. We were mostly successful and are still doing most of them. One failure became apparent recently. The cotton shower curtain was getting very orange and full of mildew spots despite wringing it out daily and washing it frequently. So I started researching alternatives. I didn't think another fabric curtain would be any better.I had just about resigned myself to a stinky non-green plastic liner, when I came across an alternative that wasn't there a couple of years ago. It's made of Eva-Ecopreme. Best of all, it's got yellow duckies on it! I put it up a few days ago. It didn't have that plastic smell and it's soft and flexible. It remains to be seen how it holds up long term, but so far it makes me happy looking at duckies every morning.

A Little Bit of Catchup

I have been mostly absent from from LJ because I have to think about the posts here. Posting on Facebook is easier because they are shorter. Just lazy, I guess. I am going to try to start posting here again. I do think about entries, but then don't get around to typing them.

Saturday we bought a composter and an electric mower with spare battery at the Spare the Air event in the Whole Foods parking lot. We kept the gas mower. There is no way we (translation <lj-user=dragonazure) can mow 1.5 to 2 acres with an electric mower. So, we (maybe including me) will use the electric for the side part that is real grass and grows quickly. At least we will be cutting down on the pollution emitted. Hey, I wonder if we can get away with saying we are trying not to pollute the air when the neighbors complain about our grass being to tall?

Automata Robot Collection

Saw this on kerryp's LJ.

Automata Robot Collection on the Martha Stewart show. How cool!


Eldred and I actually attended a non-SCA social occasion together last night! Granted it was all SCAdians in attendance, but it had a steampunk theme. Eldred wore the outfit in the icon here. I wore the engineer outfit. It was great fun. I got to chat with folks I don't see nearly often enough. There were some great outfits too. We got back home after 1am, which made it tough to get up at 7:30 this morning for work.

Today I am wearing Villager #16 from The Prisoner.

I read a great Halloween themed article by the wonderful Meg Barnhouse entitled Rough Magic.

Howling and Steering

Last weekend Eldred and I headed up to Arden for Hawkwood Howl. We actually stayed onsite Saturday night. It's been ages since we did that. Usually we daytrip or stay in a hotel. I spent a couple of hours helping at troll then just bummed around, mostly with Alisoun. The weather was pleasant and the trees were lovely. I woke up Sunday with the expected sinus headache, but it wasn't too awful and I managed to get rid of it.

We had a fabulous breakfast at IHOP before heading to the Asheville UU Church. I had seen a message on the elist about needing delegates for the Western Carolinas Cluster Steering Committee, so I volunteered. I figured we were close to Asheville anyway plus it might help pull me out of my church funk.

The service was great. I enjoyed the music and the sermon. Jay Leach, the minister from the UU Church in Charlotte, spoke on "The Tiny Pushes of Each Honest Worker". The title is part of a Helen Keller quote. The gist was that each person's small efforts for social justice are just as important as the giant shoves of heroes and heroines. I want to make more of an effort to attend other UU churches when I travel. It's good to be able to attend a service where I don't know any of the underlying politics or issues.

After the service Eldred sat in the car reading while I attended my meeting. I enjoy committee work despite some of the frustrations. There were 10 different congregations represented. I really like the sharing of information and ideas that goes on in these settings. I also got to see a friend from Greenville who I haven't seen in months. That was nice. The meeting did help me feel better. I am going to volunteer to be the delegate for the next meeting in January. I am hoping that contact with UUs in a completely different setting with renew my spirit.


World of Cracking Ideas

This is for Eldred!


I had a relaxing and fun trip to University. I was reluctant to go because I didn't really want to take classes and wasn't teaching. I have been majorly blah about the SCA recently. Not wanting to go to one of my favorite events is yet another symptom of that. Eldred's pout combined with the thought of spending 8 hours in the car with Bran convinced me to go. I was very glad I went.

Eldred and I left Greenville around 11am. That was nearly amazingly early for us! We picked Bran up in Charlotte and headed east. We had a blast chatting in the car. It's great to have Bran back in Atlantia and living so close. We reached Wilson early enough for Eldred to visit a train shop he really wanted to see. We checked into our hotel in Winterville and ate dinner at Ruby Tuesday. We spent several more hours chatting before crashing.

I rarely have trouble sleeping. For some reason Thursday and Friday I woke up several times during the night. This meant I was a bit slow getting going on Saturday morning. We still managed to arrive onsite in plenty of time for Eldred to set up before his rose window class at 10. I have to say the directions in the Acorn were some of the best I have seen. I complimented the (first-time!) autocrat on them and gave her a rubber duckie as thanks. I helped a little with registration, but attendance was low, so they didn't need much help.

I ended up spending most of the day hanging out with Alisoun, which was fun. I even turned in paperwork to register the household name for Eldred and me. We got the domain name in May, but haven't worked on the website yet. Maybe the registered name will get us motivated to come up with a badge and work on the website.

We headed back to Charlotte after the last class. We had more great conversation in the car. I am actually regaining some of my enthusiasm for the SCA. Let's see how long it holds!


Books and Movies 2009

Here's the list of books I have listened to and read as well as movies I watched so far in 2009. I included watching an entire season of a TV show as a movie.

Summary for first 9 months:
22 books listened to (27 in 2008)
38 books read (25 fiction, 13 nonfiction) (29 in 2008)
62 movies watched (36 in 2008)

The list is in chronological order.
The booksCollapse )
The moviesCollapse )


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