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February 14th, 2003

Black Sabbath Gets Medieval

This is so... odd. Black Sabbath songs sung in Latin and played on medieval instruments.


Cat Adventures

I wrote a diary about Cat Adventures and the rest of my day.

Monkey Butter

I got this email from Archie McPhee, home of the Devil Duckies. Too, too funny!


(This month's cult email was written in Japanese and then translated using
an automatic online translator. Be sure and check out our new McPhee
Movies in the first link.)

Hello bulk worshipping member,

We posses the ton of new product and it is not possible for us to wait for
you to look at those! Move forward with great quick movements!

Roger Ebert has taken his digit for the way it is held in the superior
position twice when an eye placed firmly on these. Devil Duckies and
Gnomes are living in motion when you watch these movies that should be
sent to friends with great vigor. Hopelessly wondering!

In the blackest time of war there are certain people that work as to be
dogs that would have been a chef or maid just a previous year. Rosie is a
symbol of the woman who became as an emperor to her kingdom in unrest.
This action figure is deformed to look like the original picture!

Howdy howdy partner! These poker of cows can delight the eye when placed
dramatically on the counter of a car. They are cute as clothing
attachments and will allow your car to remain free of rustlers. Call the
Sheriff, what has happened to the pants? They are chaps with no bottom.

The microscopic car that in the parade are driven by him make this an
(untranslatable word). His painting will impress upon you the importance
of care while he jauntiness cries with passion. How are the cars driven by
Shriners? The body is of the cat, while the head possessed by the body is
one of a Lion. Such size is a difference of supreme.

Maybe the counter of your car has need of being more serene. In order for
you to drive your car to the nirvana, the monk of the counter jumps the
jiggle with a spring of metal. Happiness is a style shared by this man who
seeks Buddha and for it acts as heat does to boil water in the brains of
all that see it.

So strong that small amounts of the liquid can be consumed in glasses only
this size. Devil Duckie, Savvy Bachelor, McPhee and Cowboy and Indian shot
glasses are collected and of real use to practical people. When a fern
bends in the breeze it is not snapped like an oak, but these will sway
like reeds in a place of fitted slacks. Tempers are flying when
consumables fill these with fire!

This table of monkey with rounder of glass held aloft will be a Monkey
Butler of your dreams. At 18 cm (7.5") you will want to so that guests
will never have aloneness of being. Price? Stop the printing! A price of
$14.95 can mean a monkey for everyone!

In the end, what is there but the future? The future is a stick of
unrefrigerated monkey butter. When we look to the future, we realize that
we must work harder and smarter. Evaluate everything you do in terms of
necessity and efficiency. Never call the plumber when a carpenter is
needed. If we sharpen ourselves, invincibility will gather. Together we
will become the dominate paradigm of a new age. The secret to happiness is
ratchet hobo monocle to the manic stable zoo. Have more fun than a wooden
circle containing primates.

LoTR Bobbleheads

This is just so wrong!

Bobble heads.

This one includes Legolas. Check out the giant head. Bobble Head World

Persona Project Update

I have done quite a bit of research today on my persona project.

I bookmarked a bunch of Romanesque sites to peruse later. I started reading Domesday A Search for the Roots of England by Michael Wood. After checking the bibliography, I ordered a used copy of Rural England, 1086-1135; a study of social and agrarian conditions by Reginald Lennard.

I signed up for the englisc elist, which discusses Old English as well as writing messages in Old English.

I did a bit of research on Anglo-Saxon names. I found a site that verifies what I remember about name construction - choose a prefix and a suffix. So Ealdthryth is eald = old and thryth = strength. I also discovered that "th" is written as either þ (thorn) or ð (eth), which means my name should probably be ealdþryð.

While Anglo-Saxons typically did not use surnames, I had to do something to conform with SCA conventions. I picked Humberstone because I was actually born in that area of Leicester, so it seemed appropriate. That village was there in Anglo-Saxon times. I thought the name was Anglo-Saxon for the topographical feature of the Humber River and "tun" or "ton", meaning farm or homestead. However, it would seem that there is actually a Humber Stone. Hmm...


Ealdthryth of Humberstone

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